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Dr Michal Kravcik, People and Water.

People and Water

My expectations are simple: to incorporate a mechanism of using water for recovery of the climate based not only on local and regional - but also on continental and global level of the Planet Earth. Until now, all initiatives for solution of climatic changes addressed only CO2 reduction, and through this, to stop the breakup of the Earth´s climatic system.

Somehow we keep forgetting that water is the thermoregulator of heat. So where there is enough water, the landscape heats only slowly, while where is dry weather, the landscape overheats fast reaching big differences in temperature e.g. between night and day – or winter and summer. According to our estimates, each year over 700 billion m3 rainwater vanishes from continents - that in the past had been soaked and saturated in soil, and evaporated in the atmosphere. This is how rainwater kept the climate within limits - without any extreme floods, droughts or sudden shifts in climate.

Due to the built infrastructure of tiny canals, ditches, gullies and drains, the continents are getting rid of water from small hydrological cycles – water which then accumulates in the oceans. Because of reduction of volume of soaked rainwater in the soil, and reduction of evaporation, a huge amount of heat accumulates in the atmosphere, overheating it and creating chaos in the atmosphere. As a result, extreme weather increases, bringing about more frequent and more extreme floods, droughts and related risks of water insufficiency, famine and conflicts, while endangering the food safety.

In order to avoid all this, it is enough to create conditions globally that would allow rainwater - that has been currently flowing uselessly into seas – to stay and keep at the continents so that it could saturate in soil and evaporate into the atmosphere. Such creation of conditions for areal / blanket / retention of rainwater at the continents requires a fundamental change in rainwater management, different to the existing principle – i.e. that rainwater is only a wastewater that we have to get rid of as quickly as possible – to a principle that it is vital to let rainwater to soak in the soil and return back into the atmosphere. Change of water paradigm may result in the recovery of climate in ten years, while provide enough water for humans, food and nature.

Implementation of this concept may would create several tens millions of jobs, which – in our present day global economic crisis – is by no means little.

Water is a unique phenomenon on our Planet Earth, vital for the existence of life. Therefore, if we respect idea that water is our "common good", then it is unacceptable that we are expelling that "common good" from our environment – out to the sea. One of simple possibilities how to make good things is e.g. to let the rainwater pour down from the roofs not to the drains /sewerages/, but to a garden pond, which will be giving joy not only myself, but also yourself. Such garden pond will contribute to recovery of the micro-climate in the area bringing back life and enjoyment of our environment, where we live, because the little pond´s micro-climate will have positive effect also on the surrounding environment´s micro-climate.

Water is a mirror of the human culture. The native people did not require mirrors to see themselves – they just looked into the water.

Dr Michal Kravcik, People and Water NGO, Slovakia.
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Water for the Recovery of the Climate :: A New Water Paradigm
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